Postural Alignment for Optimal Performance

Tri-Planar Alignment


Keren Cahn PT, PRC utilizes a multi-system approach to restore position, promote correct breathing and to optimize movement.  She is a Postural (PRI) and Movement specialist trained to recognize patterns of imbalance in systems which underlie weakness, torsion, instability and pain.

New clients can expect a thorough biomechanic evaluation followed by personalized corrective exercises. The goal is to restore alignment, function, reciprocal movement, prevent injury and reduce pain.  All are welcome! 

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Located in: Body Kinetics

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• Sport Specific Assessment

• Educational Workshops

• Customized Orthotics

•Nutritional Recommendations

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Restore Movement

Postural Restoration specialists are in demand among elite athletes and professional sports teams. As the first certified PRI PT in California, I chose a gym setting to better serve young and old as well as the elite athlete. My athletic clients have included professional baseball players, cyclists, olympic level golfers, ice skaters, competitive swimmers, tennis players, high school sports teams and ultra runners.

As an advocate for sports injury prevention and optimal performance, I offer educational workshops to health professionals, tennis clubs, sports teams, athletes, coaches and trainers. Book a teaching event.



Restore Position

Shoulder pain, especially in the overhead throwing athlete, requires assessment, not only of the shoulder complex but also: the rib cage, breathing patterns, pelvic position, core integration, dominant vs non-dominant leg muscle imbalances. The entire chain of patterned movement right down to the opposite toe, will impact shoulder mechanics. Therefore,my intentional, whole body exercises will address the underlying "pattern" which put the shoulder in a “position" of injury from the start.  Pain is relieved and injury is prevented.

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Restore Alignment

An Olympic hopeful javelin thrower came to my office with a sprained left ankle. I identified the mechanism underlying athlete’s injury as having little to do with ankle weakness, but rather, an inability to shift into the left hip and maintain pelvic-femoral control as she threw with her right arm. Correcting this causative issue not only protects the ankle from future sprains, but allows for increased throwing power. To an athlete, this translates to career success.


Posture and Movement Specialist


In addition to extensive expertise in sports rehab, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, I am a passionate student of the science of Postural Restoration.
I have the honor of being the first physical therapist certified in Postural Restoration in the state of California!

I have enjoyed a wide variety of PT experience over 20+ years: heading a interdisciplinary head injury/spinal cord team, chronic pain program, sports medicine, orthopedic and neurologically involved acute and outpatient. I have extensive neurological training in PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.) Additionally, I volunteered with a high school cross country team, consulted for a Hong Kong dance company and worked in rural health care serving an indigenous tribe in Mexico.

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“True things bear the watermark of simplicity; the obvious hidden in plain sight. Those who find it often do so accidentally, by way of overturning assumptions.”

After 2 decades of of hands-on work with the human body, foundational

assumptions of the biomechanical model came under scrutiny when I stumbled upon the science of the Postural Restoration Institute. Now I have an integrated framework from which all my interventions makes sense, respect multiple systems and allow me to address the "why" behind the "what." Simple and obvious, these “true things” are now integral to my view and treatment of the human body. Here are a few of the basics:

* If you cannot breathe properly, you will not move properly.

* Not one human system (neurological, circulatory, respiratory..) is symmetrical.

It is only in the integration of multiple system imbalances that the human body achieves balance.

*When the ability to shift in and out of neutral is compromised, the body will compensate in such a way that every joint is affected. Over time, some joints will break down. Some muscles will not be able to shut off. This is pain and dysfunction.


Sharing the Knowledge

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 I do not take any insurance. 

However... There is a company called "Better" which will help you to get reimbursement for out of pocket PT expenses. Here is the information you need in order to sign up with Better to submit your bills for reimbursement from your health insurance company. Once you sign up with their app and send Better a photo of your insurance card, you can upload the superbills after each session. Better will submit your superbills to your health insurance on your behalf."

Here's how it works:

  1. Download the iPhone app or Android-compatible web app to sign up.

  2. Forward this email, with your superbill attached, to

  3. Better works with your insurance to get you paid

Find out more at

Better is safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

If you let me know in advance, I can provide you with a "super bill" to present to your insurance company. If you do not chose to go through "Better" (which charges 10%), insurance reimbursement can be  time consuming and usually produces suboptimal outcomes. For those with the fortitude to try this route, here are some tips for best results: Call your insurance company first. Ask them if you need a Dr order. (Not required by state of CA, but some insurance require)  Confirm if Keren Cahn /Carol Cahn is a listed as a PT provider.  Ask exactly what elements need to be included in a bill for reimbursement. You will pay after each session and wait for insurance to respond.  All the best!!


Evaluation/1st visit, 1 1/2 hr: $250

1 hour sessions: $160

3 pack (3 one hour sessions) $408 (savings of $80)

15 min consult: free. If I can fit it into my schedule. Give me a call. 

PRI Orthotics: $650 all inclusive.

 Sports/ Educational Workshops:  From $200/hr to free for community service. Lets talk.

I have clients who drive to see me from as  far away as Davis, Healdsburg, San Jose.  I can make a discounted price for a longer visit. 


PT sessions are held in a private room, occasionally utilizing the gym space as well. 

Sessions are scheduled 1x week, progress to once every 2-3 weeks. (Not further apart than 4 weeks.) 

The usual number of sessions is 8-10 for one area, 10-14 2 areas. If you are not 80% improved by visit 6 ,I am going to find out why and/or refer you to diagnostics, vision or dental practitioner.  The last 20% is making the gains "stick."

Wear loose clothing, sports bra,workout shoes. Bring any medical information you deem important.

I have had success getting clients back to activities they love and improving athletic performance. Let's do this!