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I experienced a serious loss of health which affected my ability to walk, think and speak. My path back to health restored me to running, researching, kayaking and health counseling.  

I have hope for you.


I am NutriGenetic Research Institute trained and certified with over twenty-five years experience as a health care practitioner/specialist. I am passionate about health and nutrition and supported by the team at Functional Genomic Analysis.

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Keren Cahn RPT, PRC, NGP

Functional Genomic Analysis Certified Nutrigenomic Practitioner

Personalized Expertise

your DNA tells a lot

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in nature, no two things are exactly alike

what we offer

The Most Comprehensive

Our proprietary DNA test assesses over 100 times more genetic information  than than any other genetic test. These 203,000 SNPs will only become more valuable with time and research. 

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Highest Privacy

Your information is yours only and only for you.  We do not sell your genetic  information to pharmaceutical companies.  We hold the highest standard of privacy in the industry. 

Of course, HIPPA compliant

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Personal Support

Expert analysis, comprehensive reports, personalized assessment and an actionable 3 step plan to support wellbeing.  Testing and life-style coaching in one package! 

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for Health Professionals

Game Changer: Be informed by DNA

Genetics is the biggest game changer in personalized medicine.  Functional Genomic Testing can identify potential areas of weakness which can then be supported by practical lifestyle changes and specific supplementation.  Some of the important areas of assessment include:

  • Iron and copper dysregulation

  • Mineral solute carriers

  • Fenton Reaction potential

  • H2O2 clearance

  • Peroxinitrite clearance

  • Glutiathion production

  • Detox pathways

  • FUT2

  • Sulfation

  • Methylation Pathway

  • Transulferation Pathway

  • Methionine Pathway

  • Urea Cycle

  • Krebb Cycle

  • Mitochondrial function

  • Acetylation

  • Heme pathway

  • Ammonia clearance

  • glutamate

  • Vit A, D

  • Fat utilization


  • MTOR/ Athophagy

  • B12, folate, MTHFR

  • contraindications for medication

  • and so much more!

All these interplay with each other!  This is a fascinating exquisite dance.  

Functionl Genomic Research

what to expect


  • Unlike any other health test, DNA does not change.  This test will only increase in value over time as more is discovered about specific genes.  

  • Do you want to  know:

*how under functioning enzymes or  weakness in pathways could cause future problems?  

* genetic sensitivities to certain foods, metals, (medication*) and how to make informed lifestyle choices? 

* the genetic issues underlying inflammation and what to do about it?


1. When the DNA is analyzed, (4-6 weeks) a comprehensive report will be generated. (see examples)

2. I will spend many hours assessing and prioritizing a plan for you. 

3. You will fill out the symptom survey.

4. We will add pertinent lab results.

5. We will schedule a  60 min face-time consult  

6. Lifestyle and supplementation suggestions 

5. Give it time, this is a journey and not a race. 

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PS: I do not prescribe, diagnose or treat disease,  but support your health function.  Let's do this!

DNA Test, Report & Coaching




Additional coaching sessions  $189 per hour

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