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Tri-Planar Alignment


I use a multi-system approach to restore position, promote correct breathing and to optimize movement.  As a Postural (PRI) and Movement Specialist, I am trained to recognize patterns of imbalance in systems which underlie weakness, torsion, instability and pain. In addition, I am trained to address bracing and breathing patterns resulting from trauma and can support the nutritional demands of the athlete. Anyone who competes, knows the value of regulating the nervous system for optimal performance. 


New clients can expect a thorough biomechanics evaluation followed by personalized corrective exercises. The goal is to restore alignment, function, reciprocal movement, prevent injury and reduce pain.  

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Restore Movement

Postural Restoration Specialists are in high demand among elite athletes and professional sports teams. I have the priviledge of being the first certified PRI PT in California. My athletic clients have included professional baseball players, cyclists, olympic level golfers, ice skaters, competitive swimmers, tennis players, high school sports teams and ultra runners.


As an advocate for sports injury prevention and optimal performance, I offer educational workshops to health professionals, tennis clubs, sports teams, athletes, coaches and trainers.



Restore Position

Shoulder pain, especially in the overhead throwing athlete, requires assessment, not only of the shoulder complex but also: the rib cage, breathing patterns, pelvic position, core integration, dominant vs non-dominant leg muscle imbalances. The entire chain of patterned movement right down to the opposite toe, will impact shoulder mechanics. Therefore,my intentional, whole body exercises will address the underlying "pattern" which put the shoulder in a “position" of injury from the start.  Pain is relieved and injury is prevented.

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Restore Alignment

An Olympic hopeful javelin thrower came to my office with a sprained left ankle. I identified the mechanism underlying athlete’s injury as having little to do with ankle weakness, but rather, an inability to shift into the left hip and maintain pelvic-femoral control as she threw with her right arm. Correcting this causative issue not only protects the ankle from future sprains, but allows for increased throwing power. To an athlete, this translates to career success.


Postural Alignment for Optimal Performance



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In addition to extensive expertise in sports rehab, orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, I have enjoyed a wide variety of PT experience over the years: heading a interdisciplinary head injury/spinal cord team, chronic pain program. I have extensive neurological training in PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.)


“True things bear the watermark of simplicity; the obvious hidden in plain sight. Those who find it often do so accidentally, by way of overturning assumptions.”

After 2 decades of of hands-on work with the human body, foundational assumptions of the biomechanical model came under scrutiny when I stumbled upon the science of the Postural Restoration Institute. Now I have an integrated framework from which all my interventions makes sense, respect multiple systems and allow me to address the "why" behind the "what." I have the additional layer of skills to address nutritional demands of the athlete as well as the interplay of trauma and chronic bracing patterns. 

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Sharing the Knowledge

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